Employee safety


KR management is trained to perform all the duties of those they lead.  Our personnel works with mentors until we determine they are fully trained. This training is conducted by our two Operations Managers or the Owner who will work with the drivers to assure they are trained properly. The Operations Managers and Owner will also "fill in" as work loads fluctuate and demands increase.

The right equipment for the job


Safely handling your freight. KR employees are trained to use the right equipment the first time everytime insuring your deliveries arrive in perfect condition

Safety of your freight


From pick up to delivery KR cares. Our employees know how to move freight of all shapes and sizes safely. We are proud of our diverse customer base, from paper towels to antique sculptures you can rest easy knowing that we have the experience to handle it.

Vehicles and drivers


KR is proud to keep our fleet up to date with the latest safety features including driver behavior monitoring. We are proud to go above and beyond federal requirements for background checks and drug testing. KR uses late model full service lease trucks keeping down time down and deliveries on time every time.